Home is more than walls that surround you - It’s safety and stability, the foundation of where life is happening

Annika Öman & Jenni Määttä, Forenom Oy

With more than 4000 apartments and rooms, 10 apartment hotels and 9 hostels, Forenom has gained a leading position in the Nordic corporate housing market. The company’s Swedish operations are showing strong growth and are expected to triple by size in 2017.

-       We want to stand out by creating apartments and rooms with a warm and homelike atmosphere, making it feel effortless for the customer to get settled in the new environment. Every aspect that could affect the customer experience is investigated meticulously, and one area that is highly prioritized is safety. Safety plays a significant role in creating a pleasant customer experience, says Forenom’s Nordic Service Director Jenni Määttä.

A firm and ambitious safety culture makes the environment more calm and relaxed. By using Safetum’s fire security services the Systematic Fire Safety Work (SBA) is maintained at a high level. The safety index of each property is individually measured and the staff can flag risk observations in the included mobile service.

-       We are building a unified safety culture in the whole Nordic region. By analyzing risks and potential dangers we can prevent accidents. The regularly conducted safety index measurements are a vital part of our internal quality assurance program, says Forenom Sweden’s project manager Annika Öman.

Martin Bomström, fire safety advisor at Safetum, views risk prevention as a hands-on process.

-       A well-functioning safety culture is largely a practical challenge. By taking care of safety, instead of accidents – we ensure that Forenom’s customers get a calm and pleasant stay.

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